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Why would you order/source your bulk essential oil requirements from us?:

  • Offered products are serviced from planted-seed-to-delivered-goods with activities covering:
  • R&D: (naturalization of non-endemic botanical species, chemotype selection, varietal development, etc.)
  • Farming: (55 ha of own plantations & network of 5'000+ ha of supplying plantations by contract)
  • Processing: (steam distillation, solvent extraction, cold pressing, fractioning, ),
  • QC/laboratory analysis: (GC/FID, GC/MS, refractometry, densitometry, optical rotation, etc.)
  • Packaging: (from 0.1kg to 1-ton IBC, aluminium, steel, HDPE, HMPE, UN certified packaging when applicable)
  • Warehousing: (A/C controlled)
  • Shipping: (courier, air cargo, ship freight)
  • Markets: 100% of products are dedicated to exports, with the USA (21%) and the EU our (64%) and 15% rest of the world.
  • The company is presently proceeding with a total revamping of its factory facilities, quadrupling its size, which is now close to reaching a fully flexible dual extraction/distillation capacity of over 240,000 litres distributed over 8 productions units capable of processing 14 different botanicals simultaneously.
  • Besides a wide variety of essential oils, concretes/absolutes, waxes, hydrolates (150+),

Offered products are direct from our distillery 'Pure Essential Oils & Herbs' which is certified to:

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