About Us


Why would you order/source your bulk herbs and spices requirements from us?:

  • Partnered together >30 years of export and international trade experience + most professional group of growers and processors in Egypt to form a unique entity able to deliver herbs and spices of the best quality at competitive prices.
  • Considerable in-hand resources; >85ha of fertile own farms + >250ha contracted farm, all situated at the heart of herbs & spices most important producing areas in Egypt (El Fayoum, Beni Suef & El Menia) + ~ 6300m² of processing station and stores.
  • We are offering conventionally produced herbs & spices (stricktly Observing MRL; actually in most cases, analysis results show much less residues than the MRL); Together with wide range of organic products (EU Organic & USDA 100% certified)).
  • Our partner farmers and processors used - for years - to produce herbs and spices of - by far- best quality in Egypt and supplying same to major exporters and recently decided to 'go the extra mile' and export their distinguished products by ourselves.
  • By dealing directly with processors in countries of origin production can be done on a tailor-made basis. Cleaning, cracking, grinding, sterilizing, packing, labeling all according to the parameters that fit your specific requirements. With the advantage of cutting extra cost and delay of intermediates and enables a full tracking and tracing of your raw material.
  • With our hands-on approach we provide in addition to buying the right quality at the right time and of course at the right price, regular market updates, information about crops and quality available, efficient document handling, shipment notices, ..
  • Egyptian Herbarium is an AgriPassionate grower and exporter of fine quality herbs & spices; operated by dedicated technical staff of agronomists, engineers and technicians, highly competent and specialized in their fields with collective hands-on experience of > 60 years in growing herbs and in the export sector.
  • Egyptian Herbarium is the heir of an Egyptian medicinal & aromatic herbs pioneer exporting company since 1984:
  • One of the very first exporters of fresh Cut culinary herbs (as early as 1987 exported basil, mint, marjoram, parsley, coriander, calendula flowers, .. to the UK.
  • Introduced new herbs / varieties to Egypt (growing and exporting Lemon Verbena, Mitcham peppermint as requested by 'Fralib' the herb tea processing and packaging factory ex-owned by the multinational giant Uniliver).
  • Leading exporter of some dried herbs like peppermint, chamomile, marjoram, basil, hibiscus,.. etc. to major herbs processors and wholesalers in Europe like: Germany (Worlee, Martinn Bauer, Galke, ..) France (Fralib, ..)
  • Egyptian Herbarium applies strict quality control standards and recognizes the responsibility towards the environment and strives to achieve best practice throughout all business activities.
  • As a year-round, consistent, sustainable and reliable supplier; we’ll do everything we can to guarantee our products quality and availability to -and beyond- our clients satisfaction.