Quality & Standards


Quality & Standards:

Strict Quality & Standards Policy guarantees a complete documentation and traceability of the entire production/supply system from seeds to customer shelves.

Our products are processed and packaged by our partners 'Spice Egypt' according to the regulations of the 'Food Management System; ISO 22000:2005' and 'BRC' standards for food safety. Organic Products are certified to: 'EU Organic' and 'USDA 100% Organic' certificates

The quality assurance begins with the selection of the seeds or the plants already on the field added to increased care of the society related to environmental protection through reduction of pollution.

Certified producer, means commitment to:

  • Soil conservation and improvement.
  • Workers Health, Safety and Welfare.
  • Continuous risk assessment of all aspects of production.
  • Education and training of workers to ensure safe practices in the work place.
  • Providing proper equipment to allow work safety; and in the event of accidents, obtaining proper and timely assistance.
  • Establishing emergency procedure addressing all aspects of risk assessment study.
  • Providing proper protective clothing for in-farm activities.
  • Providing place to store food and a place to eat, hand washing equipment and drinking water.
  • Establishing a plan that covers wastage reduction, pollution and waste recycling to avoid air, soil, and water contamination.
  • Establishing a wildlife management and conservation plan that acknowledges the impact of farming activities on the environment.
  • Correct application of fertilizers to optimize use and storage procedures to avoid loss and contamination of water and soil.
  • Implementing water management plan ensuring efficient use and application.
  • Implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan considering all techniques discouraging the development of pest populations.
  • The correct use, handling and storage of plant protection products.

Uniform binding regulations ensure that herbs are not only produced in an environmentally friendly manner, but also meet the high demands of the consumer for taste, valuable ingredients, appearance and freshness.